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Island Survey, Oscoda, MI

A small island in the middle of Cedar Lake, Oscoda, Michigan.

There is an interesting little folk tale that comes with this island. I couldn't find an official name for it on the maps, including USGS, but the locals call it Pee Island. The story goes that years ago, people would be out and about the lake, partying on their boats, and pull over to pee island to, well you guessed it. A few years ago, the Community Association in the area decided to fund a clean up there. They cut down may of the trees to make it a little less secluded for such activities, cleaned up all the toilet paper and other various trash items left there and put up no littering signs. It's now a frequent stop for boaters to park, play in the sand and enjoy a shallow swim. Some locals I spoke with felt they liked it better when it was more "natural" others seemed happy that it is no longer that kind of pit stop.


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