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Drift Consumption is an experimental video; An animated meditation on time, place, and land reclamation. Lake Michigan is the second largest of the five great lakes by volume and supplies fresh drinking water to millions of people. Made with ai generated animation clips, and macro videos of Lake Michigan sand, Drift Consumption addresses the dunes along the coast of Lake Michigan’s long practice to drift, claim, and reclaim space naturally. One such example is Singapore, Michigan, a ghost town beneath the sands near current-day Saugatuck. Founded in 1836 as a lake port, it was vacated by 1875 and eventually became completely engulfed in sand. To this day (in 2023) the Silver Lake, Michigan dunes threaten to consume cottages. Landowners have engaged in various efforts to remove and push the sand back. Drift Consumption considers the dynamics of the freshwater dunes and their movement through time in conjunction with and against the communities who inhabit them.

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