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The Citizen Co-Pilot Reel extends being a Collaborative Pilot / Citizen Co-Pilot to the broader community. Please follow the QR Codes below to access our AR skins on Instagram, join The Department of Planetary Futures and be included in our reel, which will be updated periodically.

Collaborate with us!

The Department of Planetary Futures is actively seeking Citizen Co-Pilots. Try on seed skins with AR filters available through Instagram.

To access our seed skins follow the QR codes below. Please share your Co-Pilot story by tagging us  @dept_of_planetary_futures Indicate how you would like your name written so we can credit you as a Co-Pilot in our video reel.

Thank you to our current Citizen Co-Pilots:

Benedict Scheuer

Dean Taylor

Leah Sandler Head of Preservation Programs, Center for Post-Capitalist History

Akeylah Wellington

Mitch Vicieux

Bri Gluszak 

Aaron Peters

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