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NOMAD Detroit, Cactus Lot, Hamtramck, MI

NOMAD Detroit is an event I've been planning to bring the w|edge folk:land Survey Project to since near it's inception. Preparing for this event gave me focus to move forward in addition to adding a different angle to the project. w|edge was included among the recipients of the Nomad Detroit Personal Cart Award, granted by Popps Packing, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Erb Family Foundation. These funds were used to provide 19 Lead and Copper Corrosion tests to folks who participated in my survey(s) to take home and sample their personal drinking water tap. The only cost to them is about $8 to ship their sample to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Drinking Water Laboratory in Lansing. Results will go directly to the participant as well as myself - data to be formulated into artwork this fall in my installation at ArtPrize. It was an honor to work amongst so many other talented artists and interesting mobile projects.

Saturday boasted record breaking heat with highs around 97º - there was no way I could wear my usual coverall survey suit. Thus, necessity ordered a summer suit. Other new editions to the project included a more finished Particulate Matter Sensor - close ups of that to follow in another post.

Lastly, I must give special thanks to my sister Kari, who was the main photographer and general assistant during the entire event as well as the photographer for much of the 4th BBQ Survey.

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