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Filmed and Edited by Kathryn Nusa Logan

Exhibition Documentation

Movement Documentation

the breadth of a walnut


9 large-scale, inflatable, mylar walnuts expand and contract their breadth in a movement of timed inflation, a mimesis of human breathing. The breath and breadth of these walnuts morph the area into an otherworldly, myth-like place. Utilizing space blankets, ventilation fans, flexible duct, a grow lamp and invisible tape, The Breadth of a Walnut is a culmination of research and exploration derived from the sensation of breathing, black walnuts, science fiction, hot air ballooning, space, mythology, ideals of comfort, and the future. This work represents a juncture in the progression of a young celestial body - a speculative, futuristic mythology that follows the evolution of a fallen black walnut to a risen rotating planet, expanding the scope of the black walnut’s ability to hold a key to human future. These large pillow-like structures invite viewers to touch, move through, stand underneath and look into the semi-transparent mylar. They beckon consideration.

Inflatable Sculpture Installation by Jacklyn Brickman

Movement Event in Hopkins Hall Gallery: Claire Melbourne, Katherine Moore, Kathryn Logan