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ACSE Inside Growthe Chamber III
ACSE Inside Growth Chamber III
ACSE Proto Planet II

A multimedia installation of a fictional laboratory that implements experiments to develop a new planet through onion propagation. Methods and procedures using live onions were performed daily for four weeks. Made with breathing inflatable sculptures of various sizes, sculptural  objects, video projection, and lab equipment. 

What if humans could harness the wisdom, science and magic of plants to form new planets? That is the quest of the Nebular Mitosis Laboratory in the Department of Planetary Futures. Realizing the urgent need for a Planet B, the experiments implemented in ACSE (Allium Cepa Stella Erratica or onion planet) analogize biological and astronomical processes such as mitosis and the nebular hypothesis to develop methods and procedures for onion propagation to yield a new planet, so that humans may continue life as they know it beyond earth.

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