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Collaboration with Ashley Browne

Fructify: Reclaiming the Present and Forming a Fruitful Future is a non-hierarchical exchange of ideas and hopes for building a fruitful future. This multi-layered collaborative, socially interactive event was facilitated by artists Ashley Browne and Jacklyn Brickman in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, in May of 2020. Held virtually on Mozilla Hubs, Fructify was informed by community input with an initial survey about the social, environmental, and cultural climate that a set of diverse participants found themselves in. They were asked to share in narrative form as well as digital files of sounds and images. Browne and Brickman then built a multimedia virtual space, a 3d modeled environment full of videos, images, and text. Yet more community members were invited to join in the hubs space during a virtual “opening” and to add their own voices to the space as well via links to websites, videos, images, music, and 3D models. The space can still be entered here

Fructify was generously supported by the Livable Futures Discovery Theme and Fuse Factory.


Special Thanks to Our Community Building Collaborators : 


Felix Bahrou

Kellie Bornhoft

Alison Colman

Camille De Jesus

Lia Dewey

Liz Herold 

Lynn Kim

Jameel Paulin

Jennifer Suchland

Amy Youngs

Norah Zuniga Shaw

Fructify Opening
Fructify - opening
Fructify Opening
Fructify Opening
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