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Simulations is a set of video explorations and installations using common everyday objects as sound materials to mimic frog calls. Records of attempts at making sound inducing actions edited and layered to resemble a chorus of frog calls.  Undoubtedly, simulations are never the real thing; the end result is far from sounding as if a vernal pond is near. Instead Simulations calls into question the irony of mimicking beings known as environmental indicators by using man-made materials whose industry aids in the demise of our wetland ecosystems.

Inspired by an experience as a volunteer Frog and Toad Surveyor for the Friends of the Rouge River (2009). In order to survey frogs, one must memorize all frog calls that may be encountered in a specified area. Many of the frog calls had sound descriptors using human action with man-made objects, such as running a finger down a fine tooth comb or dragging a finger along a balloon. This aspect of the information not only aided in the memorization of calls, but began a new way of exploration.




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