© 2018 Jacklyn Brickman | OHIO | Visual artist exploring nature and people's relationship with it. | brickman.jacklyn@gmail.com

Conceptualization, Installation, Costumes | Jacklyn Brickman

Art direction, Videography, Editing | Heather Taylor


Special thanks to OSU Biological Sciences Greenhouse |  David Snodgrass and Emily Yoders-Horn


Tending Breadth is a collaborative film by Jacklyn Brickman and Heather Taylor.


Our Western view of nature is not based on what nature really is, but what we have formed it into. Tending Breadth amplifies this synthetic quality through material, play and imagination.


Inflatable, mylar spheres expand and contract their breadth in a movement of timed inflation, a mimesis of human breathing. Two suited figures move through the space tending. An experiment in the Biological Sciences Greenhouse at The Ohio State University, the breath and breadth of these walnuts and the duties performed by their attendees, entangle science fiction and motions of caring to question what cultivating a planet from a single black walnut might look like; a juncture in the progression of a young celestial body; a speculative future that ponders the evolution from plant to planet.