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Collaboration with Dean Taylor

Tending Breadth
Tending Breadth
Tending Breadth

Conceptualization, Installation, Costumes | Jacklyn Brickman

Art direction, Videography, Editing | Dean Taylor


Tending Breadth is a collaborative film by Jacklyn Brickman and Dean Taylor.

What does it mean to have interspecies familial relationships that translate human behaviors to plants? And what if humans could harness the wisdom, science and magic of plants to propagate new planets? What types of exploration and worlds would open up?

Tending Breath is a collaborative film short that follows two suited figures as they move through an experimental space in the Biological Sciences Greenhouse at The Ohio State University. The breath and breadth of large mylar walnuts expand and contract as duties are performed by their attendees, which entangle science fiction and motions of caring to question what cultivating a planet from a single black walnut might look like; a juncture in the progression of a young celestial body; a speculative future that ponders the evolution from plant to planet.

Special thanks to OSU Biological Sciences Greenhouse |  David Snodgrass and Emily Yoders-Horn

Tending Breadth: pages 98-109

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