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w|edge folk:land Survey Project

Coming to a Michigan Neighborhood near you!

w|edge folk:land Survey Project is a multifaceted mobile art installation designed to incite social engagement acting on the premise that the health of our land is a direct reflection of us folk who inhabit it. Wedge tents were used from the Revolutionary through the Civil War. w|edge references this traditional design, but is made primarily out of ripstop nylon and furniture grade pvc pipes as a distinction of its modernity. The goal of “w|edge” is to provoke dialogue about environmental and social interest concerning sustainability via survey and art making methods through:

1) Written surveys regarding participant’s relationship with the area and that of their home.

2) Participants assist me in a artful land survey by obtaining data using measurements, observations and tests including soil, water (pH), light and sound which is processed into drawings on location by myself and participants.

3) By dispersing drinking water quality test kits for lead and copper corrosion, free to a select number of participants who attend the Nomad Detroit event on July 23rd, 2016 made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Erb Family Foundation and Popps Packing. Samples are sent to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Lab. Results are communicated directly to the health department, the participant and myself for data formulation into art work.

***w|edge is currently seeking more grant or funding opportunities to offer free or low cost water tests to participants. Any recommendations or leads are appreciated!

***Please contact if you would like to schedule a survey at your event or location.

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