6 x 6 x 5.5’

Exhibited in the City Water Building, Grand Rapids, Michigan as a part of ArtPrize8  


wood, paint, bug netting, acrylic, soil, vinyl tape, carboy, water, tubing, rotisserie motor, flexible duct, fan, fabric, plastic bags,  plastic sheeting, shelf, projector, video, w|edge folk:land Survey Project Photographic Narrative and Analysis Book  

Axiom was a sculptural representation based on the 1st ten w|edge folk:land Surveys performed. Comprised of a 2/3 scale frame that echoed the wedge tent used during each survey, three timed inflatables sequenced to in/deflate in varying intervals and video projections of the types of landscapes explored through the project. Axiom encompassed elements from many aspects of the survey process (air, soil and water) and included a photographic narrative and analysis book with information about the project. In conjunction with the exhibition, a w|edge folk:land Survey was held at Canal Park, adjacent to the City Water Building, where Axiom was on view.

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