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Student Work

Digital Imaging - Final Project

Create a significant digital artwork, or series of works that are presented outside of the computer. The concept of your work should inform the way it is presented. It could be printed out using the ink-jet printers, printed by a company, made into a book, incorporated into an internet artwork, a QuickTime movie, etc. Your work must be shown in its completed form on the class critique date. That includes finished framing or sculptural presentation.

Digital Imaging - Composit Still Life

Take what we know about still life images and bring that into the Digital Realm.  On computers we can easily composite, collage, appropriate, alter, draw, erase, and layer a variety of elements – photographic, scans, computer generated drawings, etc into the same space. Consider how objects and their physical properties can be revealed in context of a digitally-composited construction.

Digital Imaging - E-Scape

This project focuses on how and where we live, and how our lives have become entwined with technology. How do we use technology, and how do we get used by technology? Just as important, what is technology? What does all this mean about who we are and who we are becoming?

Digital Imaging -  GIFs

Make a GIF using Photoshop. You can manipulate an existing artwork or create one from your own drawings or photos. Take a look at the artist examples first, then check out the demos to get started using the timeline panel in Photoshop.

Digital Imaging -  Video

Video is not required in Digital Imaging, but many students choose to work in video for their final project. 30 second excerpts.

Beginning Drawing                   

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