Self-Care (Suburbio)


sod, altered fan, grow light, IV pole, yoga mat, wooden table, garden sprayer

As a part of the exhibition “Fabio’s Second Wig” in Hopkin’s Gallery at The Ohio State University, Self-Care (Surburbio) is made from materials that are either repurposed or second-hand. This work fixates on mediocrity.  Narrative emulations are drawn between the romance novel character’s iconic, superlative hair and suburbia’s pursuit for sod perfection, while elevating grass on a yoga mat.


DIY electronics and grow culture are utilized in an attempt at perfecting healthy, vital, windblown blades of grass. Of course, the resulting effects of this forced beautification is that the wind dries out the grass and only those areas privileged enough to retain a sufficient amount of moisture and light are the areas that are able to survive.

© 2020 Jacklyn Brickman | Visual artist exploring where humans connect with the environment. |