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Artists, Scientists, Researchers, Inventors, Organizations, Festivals, Exhibitions, conceptual, and technical reading sources. 

The names and web sites listed below are from artists/inventors who have situated themselves more in the physical but you will also find links to conceptual artists, installation artists, video artists, environmentalists, projection-based works, virtual artists, dance and technology artists, sound artists, theorists, scientists and researchers who have figured prominently in the field of digital and interactive art installation and invention. List compiled by Ken Rinaldo.


Laurie Anderson performer, new media, robotics, sound

Elliot Anderson interactive video and sound environments

Lois Andison mechanical works dealing with the body and automation

Dr. Richard Allen Professor of Film and Media Art at School of Creative Media, City University

Roberta Alveranga writer/research/robotics speech recognition

Peter Anders an architect, educator

Suzanne Anker author and imagery involving gene-culture, rapid prototyping

Mauro Annunziato a life generative video projection environments

Dr. Irina Aristarkhova feminist theory & aesthetics, technology, embodiment

Roy Ascott artist and theorist in the technologies of consciousness

Tina Aufiero multimedia sculpture and installation

Alice Aycock large-scale kinetic installation focused on mythic themes


BBM robotic theater

Ingrid Bachmann interactive installation textiles

Paul Badger

Regoary Barasamian animated sculpture stroboscopic effects

Laura Beloff

Maurice Benayoun

Joanna Berzowska responsive clothing wearable technology

Nick Baginsky; Sculpture robots and autonomous systems

Jon Bird synthetic approaches to modeling adaptive behavior

Mark Bischof kinetic sculpture

Johannes Birringer telematic dance performance

Marc Bohlen robotics installation and social commentary

Carrie Bodle installations surrounding history, memory, and social dialogue

Mark A Bokowiec reactive body sensors

Cynthia Breazeal
animated robotic characters

Paul Brown explores relationships information space computer-controlled element

Sheldon Brown algorithmic sculptures, virtual environments

Shawn Brixey biotechnology as hybrid strategies for computational expression

Diana Burgoyne relationship between society, technology, and environment

Annick Bureaud new media art critic and theorist

Nao Bustamante video performance

Doug Buis kinetic and interactive installations, environmental concerns

Lee Bul

Jack Burnham writer and theorist on interactive art


France Cadet robotics, a life, autonomy

Mariela Cadiz video addict working with electronic body & memory

Alexander Calder mobiles and stabiles

Remo Campaniano robotics and telecommunications

Jim Campbell, interactive video and projection installations

Rejane Cantoni interactive virtual reality environments

Bruce Cannon humor, electronic, robotics

Janet Cardiff sound artist narratives

Kent Clelland interactive composition

Mel Chin multi-disciplinary and collaborative works that conjoin cross-cultural aesthetics with complex ideas.

Chris Csikszentmihalyi electronic installation critiquing science

Harold Cohen

Carlos Corpa y Ana Mar’a Garc’a Serrano robotic painting machines

Luc Courchesne experimental video installation

Rachel Clarke digital and traditional media in drawings, video, and installation

Jody Culkin physical computing

Merce Cunningham pioneer dance and technology choreographer


Charlotte Davies artist focused on virtual environments

Joe Davis bio artist

Donald Day street plastic

Ernestine Daubner art historian and cultural theorist

Joseph DeLappe installation, fetishism, interaction

Dead Chickens Mechanical creatures.

Manuel De Landa: on nonlinear dynamics, artificial intelligence, and self-organization

Maywa Denki theatrical robotics and experimental music

Beatrice DeCosta social robotics, biopolitics and the politics of surveillance

Wim Delvoye digestive system simulation

Paul DeMarinis sound and computer installations, interactive electronic inventions

Lewis DeSoto conceptually driven sculpture, kinetics, light

Federico D’az Interactive installations

Peter Dittmer language based computer interaction

Jason Ditmars electronic interactive sculptures neon

Kelly Dobson speech recognition language of the machines

Jack Dollhausen machines that respond to change

Margaret Dolinsky virtual reality artist and educator

Ricardo Dominquez hacktivist and performer

Doo Sung Yoo, Robotic art, video, installation, sound, bio art

Heri Dono (Indonesia) Cinematic sculpture installation inspired by Indonesian culture

Alan Dorin generative artwork

Tony Dove interactive video

Scott Draves artificial life works evolution

Erwin Driessen and Maria Verstappen

John Dunn Artist-musician

Kitsou Dubois experimental environment of altered gravity conditions/o:p>


Doug Easterly conceptually based robotic and interactive works

David Eckard performance and kinetic sculpture

Electronic Disturbance Theatre

Sharon Engelstein massive inflatable forms and sculpture


Isabel Farnsworth kinetic sculpture installation

Jurgen Faust video installation

Jeff Federson new

Ken Feingold robotic artificially intelligent talking heads and installations

Mary Flanagan networked and computer-based works, gaming technology

Monika Fleischmann identity change in media culture.

David Foster interactive and kinetic sculptures

Larnie Fox kinetic sculpture, windmills, ornithopters

Amy Franceschini futurist group employing technology

Noriyuki Fujimura field between interactive art and public space


Naum Gabo pioneer constructivism

Ulrike Gabriel emersion, robotics, virtual spaces

Kit Galloway & Sherrie Rabinowitz Telematic art video environments

Authur Ganson kinetic sculpture

Christy Georg Kinetic sound sculpture and performances

Nicholas Gessler:

Brian Goggin poetic site-specific works many involve time and light

Andy Gracie robotic installations that involve living systems

Ken Gregory New Hybrid Soundscapes

Maties Groebel robot-assisted paintings involving cultural memory

Jonah Brucker-Cohen custom interfaces for the web

Ken Goldberg Telematic performances

Trademark Gunderson robotic art, mashup music, installations

Seth Cluett architectural sound and light installation

Brian Gustafson empathy through interactive devices


Hans Haacke pioneer of the critiques of social institutions, kinetics, and process

Ian Haig Fleshbot, unique and hilarious interfaces

Jennifer Hall interactive robotic installations

David Halsell interactive installations concerned with body and biology

Ann Hamilton site specific installation sound works

Georg Hartung kinetic art installation

Mona Hatoum sculpture installation video

Tim Hawkinson large scale sound installations

Michael Hayden Architectonic scaled sculptures

Katherine Hayles Research into virtual Bodies in Cybernetics

Barney Haynes symbiont, co-dependency, interactive installation

Jean-Pierre H≥bert algorithmic art robotics

Matt Heckert Mechanical sound orchestras and menacing machines

Agnus Hegedus interactive installation

Nigel Helyer Immersive sculpture and sound art

Jesse Hemminger interactive sculpture

Paulo Henrique communications technologies and dance

Garnet Hertz reanimating insects

Craig Hickman physical computing

Gary Hill pioneering video installation

Christoph Hildebrand Neon installations

Rania Ho mobil robotic kitchen appliances

Michael Hirchner wind powered kinetic sculpture

Marla Hlady sound and kinetic works

Tiffany Holmes large-scale interactive installations

Carsten Hoeller

Hobjin techno parasites

Perry Hoberman installation artist defining unique and humorous interfaces

Rebecca Horn large scale conceptually based kinetic and sound works

Jenny Holzer language based installations involving LEDs and other mediums

Human product psycho morphic mutant theatre

Tim Hunkin automata and kinetic sculpture


Shih Chieh Huang inflatable technological gardens


Tom Igoe design for human-machine interfaces networked art

Edward Ihnatowicz creator of Senster interactive robot

Hiroshi Ishii tangible media group MIT

Troy Innocent a life works, generative art

Institute for Applied Autonomy

Toshio Iwai experimental animation and projections

Milena Iossifova


Will Jackson kinetic and interactive sculpture

Jim Jenkins kinetic sculptor and editor of Kinetic Kinetic Recent Kinetic Art.

Pamela Jennings explores issues of identity

Franz John large-scale sound and web-based installation dealing with earth processes

Gary Justis Kinetic sculpture and installation

Natalie Jeremijenko biotech installations/mechatronic

Paul Ramirez Jonas Automaton sound sculpture

Jocelyn Robert sound and video environments


Eduardo Kac Telematics, biological art, robotics and conceptual installations

Ned Kahn kinetic and interactive

Hachiya Kazuhiko telematic and web works, immersion

Istvan Kantor action based media

Kerr (New Zealand) new media web, sound, film, video, and installation

Martin Kersels interactive, electronic sculpture installation, sound works

Zerek Kempf Sculptural interactive works inspired situationist art

Robert Kinoshita designer of Robby the Robot and The Robot B9 from Lost In Space

digital arts.lcc.gatech.edutarget”_blank”

Yves Amu Klein interactive robotics utilizing neural networks for control

Myron Krueger Pioneer artificial reality to examine

Tammy Knipp mixed-media collage

Milton Komisar light sculpture as music

Piotr Kowalski architect, mathematician, biophysicist and town-planner

Richie Kuhaupt & Geoffrey Drake-Brockman Australia digital mirror, figuration

Ryota Kuwakubo

Heidi Kumao cinema machines for intimate installations

Machiko Kusahara media artist theorist Japan

Hachiya Kazuhiko telematic installations

Daniela Kutschat interactive virtual reality works



Dr. Miu Ling Lam media artist and researcher of robotics, interactive media and bioinformatics

Brenda Laurel computer interface design/theatre

Barbara Layne wearable computing

Jorge La Ferla video artist theoretician, writer, curator

John Latham interactive installation relation of virtual to physical

Diane Landry multidisciplinary sound and kinetic works

Sean Langlais sound sculptor

Eve Andree Laramee Installation, Sculpture, Performance about art, science nature

Chris Larson kinetics, installations

Richard Lerman sound artist and installations

Vincent Leclerc wearable instruments

Shawn Lawson

Lynn Hershman Lesson conceptual based installations, film, early interactive, digital prints

George Legrady conceptual artist working with language

Jen Lewin boundaries relationship, physical/analog & digital

Simon Lewandowski electronics kits to talk to dead people

Philom≤ne Longpr interactive video and installations. Robotics

Margot Lovejoy installation artist/author

Len Lye kinetic sculpture

Paul Etienne Lincoln

Bernie Lubell kinetics and interactive installation

Diane Ludin converging the body and information

Kristen Lucas humorous spoofs on high technology


Chico MacMurtrie large scales robotic installation often involving sound

John Marshal rapid prototyped sound works, intersection of design, art & RP technologies

Jean-Marc Matos live multimedia performances that integrate technology into dance/o:p>

Jon McCormack generative modeling for electronic media environments

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy sound works, structures of thought through repetition

Turi McKinley interactive installation, mobiles:p>

Steve Mann cyborg research

Michael Mateas art and artificial intelligence

Willy Le Maitre & Eric Rosenzweig A life generative video sculpture

Guy Marsden Audio electronic sculpture and kinetics as well as engineering services, green tech

Frank Malina Kinetic painting/o:p>

Feng Mengbo interactive virtual worlds utilizing game engines

Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Daniel Miller interactive systems, kinetic sculpture

Ricardo Miranda Zu¯iga tactical public intervention

Michael Mittelman Interactive video installation

Hans Morovic Author theorist about the emergence of machine and robotic intelligence

Leonel Moura painting robots, architecture, bio based art forms

Muntadas web art pioneer

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy Sculpture installation, natural processes, conceptual artist, material poiesis


L‡szl— Moholy-Nagy former director New Bauhaus and early kinetic works/o:p>

Gunalan Nadarajan theorist/curator artist, educator, robotics

Michael Naimark cinematography, interactive systems, and immersive projection

Joseph Nechvatal artificial life virus code, computer-robotic assisted paintings

Shirin Neshat video installation

Andrew Neuman electronic sculpture, LCD works dealing with electric and metaphorical power

Kieth Newstead humorous mechanical and kinetic sculpture automata

Sally Jane Norman dance and technology, cultural theory, a life


Michael Oliveri

Fernando Orellana interactive sculpture and installations

Santiago Ortiz language, life, interaction research

Ed Osborn sound installation

Dan OÕSullivan connection between virtual and physical spaces

Tony Oulser video installation


Nancy Patterson electronic media artworks

Zen Parry electronic installation at the junction of primitive and high technology cultures


Patricia Piccinini new media technology and biological form.

Jim Pallas objects of desire, inflatable, interactive sculptures

Mark Pauline destructive and violent robotics with a message of self-expression/o:p>

Nam June Paik pioneer in robotic art and video sculpture

Randal Packer artist and author

Garth Paine sound works, installation artist

Christopher Palmer kinetic sculptor, kinetics, and electronics

Peter Patchen electronic Installation

Gabor Papp, software art

Richard Pell contestational robotics

Robin Pettrd sound installations, tactility, water, video

Simon Penny; interactive and robotic installations, theory, unique interfaces

Carl Pisaturo robotic actors

Andrea Polli experimental approaches to interface eye tracking music installation

Corey Poole electronic and interactive sculpture

Jane Prophet site specific installation, artificial life, theory


Roger Quinn & Roy Ritzmann biorobots inspired by insects


Sabrina Raaf robotic installation with sound and tactility

Melinda Rackam video installation, virtuality, artist, writer, curator

Alan Rath Robotic and video sculpture

Casey Reas algorithmic works

Irving Douglas Repeto sound works, installation

Teri Reub embodied interaction

Michael Rees digital sculpture, rapid prototyping, installation

Erwin Redl large scale LED architectural installations

George Rhoads audio kinetic sculptures

Owain Rich environmental sound works

Katherine Richards

Martin Riches talking machines based on research into voice and vocal cords

Ken Rinaldo sculptural robotic installation, biorobots, green technology, transpecies communication

Christian Ristow extreme robotics, testosterone, battling bots, fire

Robotlab, matthias gommel Antunez Roca performance engaging technology

Ryan Ross, kinetics, installation, light art, robotics

Michael Rodemer; interactive environments, neon, cast objects

David Rokeby sound and video installation, image recognition,

Bryan Rogers conceptual and electronic sculpture installations

Philip Ross biological and electronic symbionts

Daniel Rozin wooden mirror that reflects the viewer

James Rouvelle, Experimental sound artist

Ben Rubin sound designer and multimedia artist

Jessica Rylan analog sound generation and experimentation


Catherine Bechard & Sabin Hudon

Joachim Sauter interactive digital media and design

Asa Unander Scharin

Victoria Scott digitally controlled mechanical installations and sculptures

Bill Seaman large scale interactive projection environments

Seemen audience directly controlled robotics and kinetic art

James Seawright pioneer in interactive electronic installation, sculpture

Jamy Sheriden, Esther Scholooleer, Ryan Mccabe

Gregory Shakar sculptural combinations of electric light and arcing electricity

Edward A. Shanken Theorist/writer/art historian specializing in art and technology

Jeffrey Shaw pioneered interactivity and virtuality in his art installations

Jill Scott interactive media wearable computing, hybrid environments and artificial intelligence

Bjoern Schuelke Interactive works often dealing with surveillance issues

Nicolas Schsoffer’s; CYSP 1 (Cybernetic Spatiodynamic Sculpture)

Tom Shannon Shannon

Thecla Schiphorst wearable computing, dance, media art

Andy Schuessler Electro Mechanical Assemblage

Celestino Soddu, Architect Generative Design Lab

Sudarshan Shetty (India) Conceptually based electronic installation

Laetitia Sonami custom-made instruments

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau

Jennifer Steinkamp immersive installations

Matthew Steinke kinetics, robotics

Michael Sturtz interactive kinetic sculpture

Karl Sims a life works virtual spaces

Eric Singer interactive performance systems

Latitia Sonami experimental musical instruments, wearables

Todd Slaughter site-specific installation and kinetic sculpture

Martin Smith automata sculpture

Matt Smith kinetic art

Scott Snibbe interactive sculpture

Morten Søndergaard is Associate Professor  / Curator of Interactive Media Art at Aalborg University, Denmark. Co-founder of Erasmus Master in Media Arts Cultures.

Stelarc extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology through human/machine interfaces

Eva Sjuve sound sculpture

Sandy Skoglund interactive large-scale tableaux installations

Gerfried Stocker media artist, curator

Bruce Shapiro robotic egg painter and plasma cutter and xy table for making sculpture

Julia Scher surveillance in the cyber-sphere

Joel Slayton and Tellepresent Surveillance

Celestino Soddu & Enrica Colabella

Paul Spooner figurative mechanical sculpture

David Stairs Designer/Philanthropist surrounding altruistic issues

Subrosa cyberfeminist cell of cultural researchers

Ashok Sukumaran (India) Telematics, kinetic, electronic installation Survival Research Labs destruction, mayhem, obtainium technology


Keiko Takahashi interactive sound drawing machines

Takis pioneer of kinetics and electromagnetic installation

Jeff Talman Soundspace installation

Julia Taymoor Theater sets kinetic costuming puppet

K.D. Thornton installation

Marc Thorpe robot wars, design, and kinetic sculpture

Paul Thomas Sonic spaces, web interaction

David Tinapple

Jean Tinguely pioneer of kinetic sculpture

William Tomlinson ethical autonomous creatures

Troika Ranch Dance digital dance Theater Company

Jan Torpus & Michel Durieux

William Temblay robotic sculpture installation

Joan Truckenbroad interactive installation inspired by aspects of nature”

Norman Tuck kinetic, interactive sculpture


Ullanta performance robots theatre and dance

Camille Utterback interactive video installations


Francisco Valera biologist,living systems – Autopoiesis theory with Humberto Maturana

Val Valgardson kinetic sculptures

Mari Velonaki robotic installation

Rasmus Vestergaard Director and chief curator DIAS Digital Interactive Art Space

Paul Vanouse interactive works that critique institutionalization and corporatization

Steina Vasulka electro, opto, mechanical, environments

Roman Verostko generative algorithmic prints

Bill Verplank

Victoria Vesna communication technologies affect collective behavior

Paul Virilio Theorist working with social implications of new technologies

Bill Vorn; theatrical interactive environmental robotics

Wim Delvoye Digestive sculpture, humor, installations


Grey Walter neurophysiologist pioneering research in mobile autonomous robots

Gail Wight conceptual interplay between biology and art

Julian Weaver sound works installation

David Webber robotic sound sculpture, video and interactive works.

Andy Webster

Michael Weisert robotics, sound and video working with medical issues

Wen-Ying Tsai cybernetic sculpture

Norman White interactive sculpture in the form of robots

Steve Wilson conceptually driven interactive works and author

Ryan Wolfe interactive sculptures and designs

James Woodfill sonic sculpture

Grahame Weinbren interactive cinema

Peter Weibel Artist, exhibition curator and art and medium theoretician

Adrian Wortzel theatrical robotics

Nancy Worthington kinetics, interaction, comedy

Nanette Wylde language based works, haiku



Hiro Yamagata laser light installation

Kenji Yanobe

Yianni Yessios interactive installation

Chang Young-hae (Korea) new media artist

Amy Youngs complex relationship between technology and concepts of nature and self.


Joe Zane video LCD sculpture and installation

Carlos Zapata figurative mechanical sculpture

Adam Zaretsky bio based art installations

Janet Zweig kinetic sculpture

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