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As an interdisciplinary visual artist, my work explores the relation-making between people and their environments through large-scale installation, performance, and moving images. Environments might range from immediate urban landscapes, and municipal land, to wilderness. My practice is rooted in the observation and examination of natural forms (especially plants) and their processes as a means of understanding, drawing similarities, and speculating possibilities for the future. I use instruments and programs ranging from optical lenses to digital imaging to compare and blur the natural and fantastical through sculpture, installation, performance, video, animation, collaboration, and viewer engagement.


Endeavors through which I have explored this human/environment relationship have taken various forms, ranging from large mylar inflatable spheres that expand and contract their breadth in a movement of timed inflation installed in a biological sciences greenhouse to my current endeavor, The Department of Planetary Futures, which is a fictional entity through which multispecies collaborative experiments are employed to investigate the interrelationships humans have with other life forms and one another. At the heart of these endeavors is a desire to connect to the surrounding world and its organisms with care and humility; to learn from, engage with, and speculate possible livable futures.


I frequently collaborate with scientists, dancers, choreographers, musicians, and other artists as well as with the public to create works that are non-hierarchical and that engage and stimulate dialogue and cooperation. As the earth continues to change rapidly, my research will continue to revolve around how humans fit into, work with, and speculate their social and environmental relationships.


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