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Collaboration with Andrew Bahrou

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Airistocrat is a performance that inwardly and playfully explores the observation that our degraded ecology is rooted in a combination of a prevailing paradigm in which humans possess entitled dominion over the natural (and, for some, social) world AND the socioeconomic means to exercise that world view.  The visual focus is a fashion sculpture – an inflatable, absurdly-oversized, cloud-like collar to emphasize the importance of air pollution and atmospheric greenhouse gases.  The wearer’s embellished hair and make-up reference 18th century French aristocratic fashion.  To further critique our own participation in environmental and art elitism as well as socioeconomic disparity, a second performer dressed in work coveralls and gloves painstakingly lays, collects, and re-lays red fabric tiles at the Airistocrat’s bidding to leisurely walk upon stopping at points of interest, paving way for access and expansion. 

Performers: Andrew Bahrou and Jacklyn Brickman

Venue:  Overclocked Exhibition Reception, Hopkins Hall Gallery 2018

Footage Captured by: Brynne McGregor

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