Fault (non absolute)

Exhibited at Detroit Artists Market as a part of "Inspired by Nature" Curated by Jeff Cancelosi 

Detroit, Michigan January - February  2017.

Fault (non absolute) is a mimetic installation based on geological expansion and contraction. Layers of fabric enclosures holding industrial loose fill and inflatables which in and deflate in varying intervals causing the enclosed loose fill to move apart and back together slowly, shifting against each other. Video footage documenting a seismometer recording seismic waves was projected on to the structure. Fault (non absolute)  blurs the line between land and the body, referencing the Gaia Hypothesis “in which Bio-chemist James Lovelock and biologist Lynn Margulis suggest the earth has remained habitable precisely because it is in some sense ‘alive’”1.

1. Kump, Kasting and Crane The Earth System Third Edition 2010

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