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Depths (front)
Depths (detail)
Depths (detail: 3 materials)



Mid-Winter draws us inward; Be it the weather- bitter cold and deep snows or the mind’s response to this yearly immersion with apathy and withdrawal. Depths is a collaborative project between four artists: a papermaker, photographer, poet and sculptor. It is a visual, verbal, spatial exploration of the climate of the season and its interconnectedness to our mental state.


Drawing inspiration from local snow accumulation graphs, phenology, psychology and [in]activity, the structure reflects the idea of hibernation, turning inward and the dynamic way people mirror these natural processes. Ranging the gamut of eudemonic to disconsolation, Depths aims to survey the feelings winter brings us.


Mandi Michielsen      |      Lauren Loria      |      Marcel “Fable” Price      |      Jacklyn Brickman




February 2015, Neighbor Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI






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